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Dzhiban || Green-Void || TGB

May 13, 2017: Updated application, time to send a sponsorship request!! Thank you Koldian
May 10, 2017: She was accepted for sponsorship!! I just need to submit an official application and add a tattoo! I'M SO PUMPED!!

 True Name: Dzhiban - Alteration of the star name (Psi, Draco), meaning “the two jackals” 
Kit Name: Narelle - From the Australian Aboriginal word meaning “little river” (Usually goes by this)
Nickname(s): Nelle, Relle, Nari Dzhi/Zhi/Dzi
Alias(es): N/A
Sex: Female
Gender: Demigirl
Appearance: Somewhat masculine  
Pronouns: She/Her (preferred) They/Them (preferred) He/Him (indifferent)
:iconcorybanticshade:CorybanticShade 6 10
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how well do you know me? (stolen)
stolen from the hoosbee <3
for the sake of making it interesting, try not to cheat, try and go off memory xD
a few of these can have multiple answers tbh
1. What's my first name? (you'll never guess lmao //sarcasm)
2. What's my favorite color?
3. What's my favorite food?
4. What's my favorite movie?
5. What's my favorite movie genre?
6. What's my country?
7. What's my dream job?
8. What's my favorite subject(s)?
9. What's my favorite song genre?
10. My political wing affiliation?
11. My religious affiliation?
12. What's my favorite game?
13. What's my height?
14. My hair color?
15. My eye color?
16. My favourite season?
17. My birthday?
18. My favorite animal?
19. What's my favorite show to watch?
20. What is my nationality? (LIKE MY RACE)
:iconxbloodshadow:xBloodShadow 1 19
[TGB] Welcome to Nandryx by Kitsanil [TGB] Welcome to Nandryx :iconkitsanil:Kitsanil 147 39



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Step by step to build to a Core, as I can't afford it myself. Every little penny counts!
Also consider I need points to buy other people's adopts! Can't share the weath if I don't have it. You can also pay me though here.
I won't beg though, this is just if you are feeling generous. Enjoy your day!

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Azû or Wyr
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Personality: You'll figure it out.
Sanity: That would suggest that my thought processes conform to society's standards of normal. Soo... 0% (Because A. Who cares about society's norms and B.There's no such thing as normal...)
Addictions: Books, Art, Music. They are survival requirements.
Unhealthy Obsessions: I have a few. All centered around the wild. It caaallls me!
Also as anyone who meets me will quickly discover, I overthink everything and am a paranoid anxietyball. And that's all your getting out of me. Enjoy life!
Quote: "Life's not fun unless you're insane!" ~Me
Gimmie all your OC's, I wanna do something other than constantly revamp my fursona (who is almost done, ee!). Gimme dragons, wolves, and especially cats preferably, but you can give me anything that isn't human I guess. Elaborate scene descriptions are welcome. 
If when the journal is closed your character was not chosen, fear not. I will go through and do all of the requests, seeing as I am on summer break and literally have all day.

Edit: Psssst. It's not closed until it says it is. Keep them coming!
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Headshot Icon
June 25, 2017
Time Taken: I dunno... 4-5 hours?
     I know, I know, ANOTHER new icon Wyr? Why would you do this? Well, I always felt the last one was great as a full on picture, but a little too complicated for a small icon. Then I saw that Whitehuntress changed her icon to this: :iconwhitehuntress:, and that sparked an idea. Plus it fits more with my YouTube name, Wihlyrazû Drawz. Which I haven't uploaded anything to, but I will one day.
     Much less complicated, no? I also used reference pictures so she actually, *gasp*, looks like a wolf! I know, what?! I also tried out a new method of coloring, as well as a new method of shading, and a new method for- you know what, I changed my method for almost everything except the drawing style. The line art was done with the marker tool, I did all of the coloring on one layer, etc, etc. I like it this way though, so behold my new style!
     Character and art belong to me. Copyright Rainbow :iconanima-wolfheart:
      Now I'm going to go to something away from my computer because my left arm is doing stupid things.
Lucky Charms (Request)
June 24, 2017
Time taken: 6ish hours
     What do you get when you cross Lucky Charms cereal with a wolf? You get Lucky Charms. A wolf. In short, colorful cuteness.
     This was a request from Fr0g-Prince. I really need to do more wolves; with reference photos, it is so fun! (Probably because with reference photos I don't screw up the anatomy and have my insecurity start screaming again.) Yes, reference photos for everything. The waterfalls of milk, the marshmellows, the boulder. Especially the boulder.
     I hope you like!
     Character belongs to :iconfr0g-prince:
     Art belongs to :iconanima-wolfheart:
Don't touch if not yours.
Carmen the Bonniti (Request)
June 23, 2017
      Behold, the Great Carmen the Bonniti!
     This was a request by yokonaut. This character was really odd and really cool and really fun to draw. Their character is based off of the Chamomile flower, so of course, Carmen is drinking Chamomile tea.
     I hope you like!
     Character belongs to :iconyokonaut:
     Art belongs to :iconanima-wolfheart:
June 20, 2017
     Because I've really wanted to draw Azû with her I-will-kill-you face on for a while now...
     I also tried out a new style, kinda similar to :iconclockbirds:, but not quite. I think I like it... maybe I'll switch to this. We'll see.
     Also has anyone noticed the running trope of blue throughout my gallery? My oh my...
Picture and character Copyright Rainbow :iconanima-wolfheart: 


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If you are not interested, I am sorry to bother you. Thank you anyway, and have a great day!
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